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Large Gel Ice Socks (2 Pack) | 10-13 Shoe Size


Comfortable Hot Cold Gel Foot Socks for Swollen Sore Feet, Toes, Heel, Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Heel Spurs, and Gout.

THERAPEUTIC EFFECT- Cold therapy reduces swelling and pain caused by inflammation, and relieves discomfort associated with joint & muscle injuries. Hot therapy relaxes tight muscles and restores flexibility in a wide variety of ailments. Provides immediate, drug- free pain relief for aching, swelling, sore feet, sprains of the arch or foot, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy, heel spur, achilleas tendon, gout, chemotherapy or pregnancy side effects, pinched nerve, stiff foot, post-surgery.

GENTLE, SOOTHING FABRIC- Plush, soft fabric creates a spa-like feeling for a relaxing and soothing experience. Two-toned colors make for a fun, attractive design to enjoy for yourself or as a gift. The spandex enables longer hot or cold therapy with moderate temperature release. Each package comes with 2 socks and 4 ice packs.

FITS MOST SIZES- Designed with stretchy nylon for a comfortable fit for a wide range of sizes. The size MEDIUM pink socks fit up to a woman’s US shoe size 9 comfortably. The size blue LARGE socks fit up to a men’s US shoe size 13 comfortably. Aside from providing pain relief, they’re a great way to relax post-exercise or just after a long day.

DUAL FUNCTIONING- Alternate between heat and cold therapy with these versatile therapy socks. Holds temperature for approximately 30 minutes. Simply place the removable gel packs or the entire sock in refrigerator or freezer until desired temperature for a cold/ice pack effect. For a hot pack effect, simply place in microwave until desired temperature is reached. Then return the gel packs back into the sock and place them on your feet for complete therapeutic coverage of your entire foot.

NONTOXIC, MACHINE WASHABLE – Made from nontoxic gel and nylon. Machine washable. Enjoy the therapeutic effects worry free!

Weight 1.8 lbs


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Cold, Hot, Massaging



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