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7 Ring Resistance Exercise Band


Achieve the effectiveness of a gym workout at home with FOMI 7 Ring Resistance Exercise Bands. Seven levels of increasing difficulty, these bands will enhance your physical training and can be used any time you're looking to challenge yourself. These bands are perfect for stretching muscles before, after, and during workouts.
  • FULL BODY EXERCISE BAND: Stretches, tones, and conditions your entire body. Infinite workouts! Targets your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, stomach, legs, feet, and joints. Portable and easy to use. Simply bring it with you anywhere!
  • 7 RESISTANCE HANDLES: There are 7 resistance levels making it ideal for use of any body part for all body types. Simply change grip handles to change resistance levels. Add resistance to your personal training, sports conditioning, MMA or CrossFit workouts.
  • FULL BODY STRETCHING: Stretching increases flexibility and strength, elongates muscles, improves motion, and aids in injury recovery. Great for warming up for sports or exercises and for improving your sports, exercise and yoga skill
  • 3 RESISTANCE BANDS : Green has Light Resistance- feels like 10-12 lbs. Blue has Medium Resistance- feels like 12-14 lbs. Black has Strong Resistance- feels like 15-18 lbs.
  • TOP QUALITY: Gym quality and professional grade. Made out of virtually indestructible rubber, it is designed to withstand rigorous workout conditions.
Weight .85 lbs

Black; Strong Resistance, Blue; Medium Resistance, Green; Low Resistance

About FomiCare

I know how destructive pain can be. Years in corporate America, locked into place at a cubicle for long hours, destroyed my back. Like many, I turned to conventional medicine, but all that did was burn a hole in my bank account and expose me to a long list of chemicals. The pain never really went away. FOMI Care was born from my search for better, healthier pain management solutions.
Control your pain. Control Your Life.

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