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FOMI Full Back Posture Corrector Clavicle Support

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Size:S/M 28 - 33 Inch Waist

This FOMI Posture Corrector is ideal for lower or upper back pain from poor posture, fractures, sprains, collarbone pain, and shoulder instability. It gently pulls the shoulders back to align, stabilize and provide postural support. This support should help prevent long-term pain associated with slouching and bad posture. With its preventative, orthopedic design, you may be able to avoid high cost physical therapy. If at your desk or in your car for hours at a time, the FOMI Shoulder Posture Brace can also be helpful. Stand tall and straight and make yourself look and feel stronger.

To put on, start by simply closing the hook and loop fastener belt on your waste. Then take the upper straps and place them over your shoulders. Then, placing the straps behind you, simply cross them over to make an X. Finally, pull the straps in front of you and connect the hook and loop fastener to each other on top of the belt.

  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: Made out of high quality premium fabric and elastic tailored to ensure comfort at all times. It includes arm pit strap covers to ensure the strap doesn't dig into skin. Can be worn directly on your body or over clothing. Start by wearing the brace an hour or two a day. Then slowly increase if needed.
  • BACK SUPPORT: Corrects poor posture or shoulder slump, and prevents progressive spinal curvature or other spinal problems. The FOMI Posture Corrector belt gently pulls your shoulders back for individualized spinal correction. The support includes metal stays for proper spinal alignment. It straightens your neck and spine, and relaxes tense muscles. This will eliminate back and neck aches and tension headaches associated with slouching shoulders.
  • S/M SIZE: This Posture Brace will fit anyone with a 28 - 33 inch waist.
  • HEALS YOUR BACK: Perfect for using while recovering from injuries and surgery of the thoracic and upper lumbar sections of spine and clavicle.

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