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FOMI Rocking Footrest: Arched Orthopedic Design, Improve Seat Posture Alignment, Rock Back And Forth With Premium Foam, Portable, Dual Use As Fitness Mat

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Why you need this product: You only get one back. Yet, while you sit and read this Amazon listing you are slowly ruining it. Seats tend to be one size fits all but people are not all one size. While your feet dangle off the seat with limited support you create excessive downward pressure on the floor, and cause stress on your back, neck and lower body. Long Term sitting with bad posture will make you look hunchbacked. Do you really want to look like Bernie Sanders one day? The FOMI foot cushion allows you to customize your foot position based on your body's unique needs and reduce stress on back and legs.

Foot Rest Details-Improve Your Posture - Premium Foam Makes the FOMI Foot Rest Very Comfortable On Your Feet, Yet Supportive And Durable (Unlike Cheap Foam Or Hard Plastic)

Slanted Shape Let's You Position Your Feet At Different Heights Effortlessly- Simply Place Your Feet At A Height Most Comfortable For You.

Rock Back And Forth- Angle allows for rock back and forth motion.

Durable Cover:Cover Keeps Cushion From Sliding -Let's You Go Barefoot Or With Shoes -Use Under Your Desk Today - Your Feet And Back Will Thank You For It

You only get one Back!

Who We Are: FOMI (Fear Of Missing In): FOMI is not only a brand, it is a belief that the healing process starts with the internal body and projects outward. Our products promote natural independent healing, pain reduction and long term health. Please check out our Amazon store for similar products. We are interested in your healing experience so please leave a review on the listing.

  • HIGH QUALITY: Durable vinyl is 100% waterproof material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Use with shoes or barefoot.
  • DUAL USE: Foot rest opens up and can be used as an excercise mat. Great for travel yoga mat or home and office workout. Have great posture while working, then stretch out your back during your lunch break.
  • ROCK BACK AND FORTH - Many satisfied customers who have a hard time sitting still due to ADHD or anxiety find the FOMI rocking footrest the perfect product to let out steam. The ergonomic countour rocks back and forth. Foam is comfortable on your feet and will keep its shape to allow for rocking back and forth and sitting comfort. You can flip over to use as a stable foot rest as well.
  • REST YOUR FEET AT MULTIPLE HEIGHTS - The FOMI cushion's sloped shape lets you rest your feet at multiple heights without any need for complicated adjustment. You can also place footrest on a phone book or stool to increase height as needed.
  • FULLY GUARANTEED: Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Cash Back Guarantee! No questions asked. This product is a no brainer. Get a footrest, fitness mat, better posture, reduced stress, foam comfort. Happy Rocking!

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