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FOMI Care Clay Hot and Cold Therapy Pack + Pouch: Ultimate Healing Moldable Clay. Retain Temperature, Penetrate Wound (11" x 7")

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WHY YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT:FOMI Care moldable Hot and Cold clay packs utilize unique technology to provide a unique experience to reduce pain associated with aches and pains. The clay retains hot and cold temperature and molds to the wound to heal and treat wounds. The FOMI clay pack is a premium quality product which will penetrate wounds, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and provide a healing path for pain.

NATURAL CLAY:Clay molds to the body allowing the body's natural healing to get to work. The firm clay hold penetrates the wound and allows for the natural healing process to begin.

OUR MISSION:FOMI's mission is to never take NO for an answer. If you are in pain you do not have to live in pain any longer, or accept a life "that hurts."  The FOMI clay pack will do what your other pain remedies didn't do. Heal you! Warning: We are so confident that once you try a clay pack you will never be able to use a gel pack again that we guarantee your satisfaction! If you are not happy, simply return for a full refund.

FOMI (Fear Of Missing In):FOMI is not only a brand, it is a belief that the healing process starts with the internal body and projects outward. Our products promote natural independent healing, pain reduction and long term health. Please check out our Amazon store for similar products. We are interested in your healing experience so please leave a review on the listing.    

  • ONCE YOU TRY CLAY YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK TO GEL: When you need a hot or cold pack you have a choice. You can use a bag of ice or hot water, a standard gel hot cold pack, or a Natural FOMI CLAY Pack. We guarantee once you try clay you will never go back to gel. The clay pack molds to your body which allows your body to soak in the pack's temperature, reduce pain on wounds, support muscles and reduce tension.
  • EASY TO USE: The natural moldable FOMI clay packs are reusable and can be frozen, heated or microwaved. The packs can be used for head, back, neck, shoulders, arm, elbow, wrist, back, knee, shin, ankle. This revolutionary, pack utilizes radiant energy to create a soothing, clay wrap.
  • WHEREVER YOU NEED RELIEF: The compact FOMI clay pack will be there when you need it. Useful for home or clinical use, sports injuries, muscle pains, strain & stiffness, body aches and more!
  • HUG YOUR PAIN: FOMI Clay packs utilize unique technology to retain temperature, to mold and heal aches and wounds over time. Deeply penetrate pain in a way you never thought possible. Don't ever accept your pain as something you have to live with.. For hot therapy, the wrap quickly heats in the microwave. For cold therapy, place the pad in the freezer for one hour.
  • STRESS FREE GUARANTEE: 1-Year Warranty - a Free No-Hassle Replacement Process!

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