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Strong Abs = Strong Back

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Your back is unique, connected to many important muscles and essential for holistic health. Yet your back is easily injured and reinjured and gets weaker as you age. The simplest way to keep your back healthy - use it less. Your body has leg, stomach, and neck muscles which can be utilized to lift, balance and bend. Yet many people do not strengthen their stomach muscles for lifting and rely on their overworked and tired back. Introducing the FoMI foldable ab mat.  The ab mat is specially designed to work on your stomach muscles and core on the go. The portable handle, foldable design and comfortable foam allow you to work on your core wherever you are. The large size allows for sit ups, stretches and other core exercises. So next time you feel pain in your back remember that the more you rely on your back the more you are at risk for back pain. Simply remember the simple formula. Stronger stomach muscles = Less reliance on back muscles = Less Back Pain.


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