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Have You Ever Tried Accupuncture

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Acupuncture has been around a long time. The healing concept seems simple. Place needles into your body to let out stress and pain. In many studies acupuncture has shown an ability to reduce chronic pain, stress and anxiety. Yet, many people have never tried acupuncture, or are not comfortable sticking needles into their body, or are not familiar with the potential benefits. Introducing the FoMI Coccyx acupuncture cushion and cover. The cushion provides the ultimate yin/yang experience. A mix of memory foam and sharp acupuncture needles to provide a dual sensation at once. Use the acupuncture mat on and off the cushion to create a route to reduce pain and stress. The cushion has many uses and can be used as a footrest, seat cushion, or neck/back pillow. The FoMI cushion has the strongest effect when placed directly on the skin. So purchase a FoMI acupuncture cushion today and let your healing journey begin.

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