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Improve Your Posture By Sitting Straight

How you sit can affect your posture. Many chairs do not provide needed support. Every chair can benefit from the following components.

Lumbar Support:  Your back has a natural curve. The more your chair allows your back to maintain your natural curve, the healthier your back will be.

Foot Posture: Your weight is distributed from your back to your feet. Your weight distribution allows you to reduce pressure and reduce back and neck pressure.

Upper Back: Some chair's provide upper back and neck support some don't. Choosing the right chair is essential to having a healthy back.

You only have one back: Good sitting posture is a result of a host of decisions. You can choose a top of the line chair and sit in it wrong. You can choose a chair that doesn't provide good posture and focus on using your stomach and leg muscles to improve posture.


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